Blog task 5

David Reilly’s piece “Please say something” is a worth while watch. The visuals of this film are simplistic yet because it is constant it makes for an aesthetic that pleases the eye. This is important in an animation because without a catching visual the film would be dull and not very immersive for audience.

Despite the simple visuals the characters cast into this film show a lot of depth. The characters cat and mouse develop their personality throughout the film making them Intriguing. At the start we find out our cast are in an abusive relationship. Throwing this at us in the beginning of the film gives a sense of tension in every scene to come. With mouse being an abusive workaholic we start to sympathies with cat as she/he struggles to keep their love alive. However traumatic events that happen closer to the end of the film help change our couples perspectives on life. In particular the mouse.

The incident that shapes mouse happens through the form of a car crash. Moments before this accident mouse and cat fight over the radio with mouse favoring the radio turned off. This causes the car to veer out of control. We know this shapes the mouse because in a later scene we are shown with a similar confrontation. However instead of confronting the radio as he dd in his previous experience he left the scenario as it is. This sort of development is an essential to making film. If a main character cant develop there is little purpose to their story. They remain constant and deterring to the audience.

Another astounding aspect of this film is the use of props, in particular the scarf. Such a small materialistic object yet it carries so much meaning. In a sense it seems that the intention was that the scarf represented hope. Not only does it comfort cat when he is lost in an internal confrontation it also stops mouse from take his/her own life. Being able to make such an every day object into something meaningful just adds more insight to the skill David possesses as a film maker.

Finally what really completes this film is how symbolic the film is. Even the main characters are symbolic.The struggle the two have can be traced back to a simple interpretation. Cats and mice don’t get along. You watch the inevitable destruction of their relationship through their continuous fighting. This results in the death of cat which brings us to our next meaning. When mouse finds out cat didn’t make it the world falls apart and there is only a red pathway. Red can often be associated with death. This can be interpreted as mouse only sees death as a way out of his pain. It is these symbolic meanings that make this film so rich in flavor

In conclusion David knows how to make an excellent film. His craftsmanship with aesthetics and narrative even won him the Golden Bear award. He shows these exceptional skills through his use of symbolism, character development and visuals.Capture.PNG


Blog task 4

In the broad variety of animation I am most drawn to character animation. The mixture of design and motion brought into a film sparks inspiration. These video’s are just some of the many animations created by talented people that I aspire to be like.

This video shows off Bowz’s the a 3D model that he has projected from his series Dovahbear.

An award winning animation “please say something” by David OReilly. Although deliberately simplistic this film based off a Cat and Mouse tell the tragic tale of their relationship. With developing characters and symbolic meaning this is an incredibly engaging tale.

Tales of Alethrion was one mentioned in an earlier blog. This link shows the first installation from the indie company Sun Creature Studio. A tale of two strangers uniting as friends with a single goal in mind. This animation is a important example of how characters can grow on the viewers even without any verbal dialogue

Summoner Showdown is a channel dedicated to re-imagining already existing characters from the game “league of legends”. A particularly impressive asset to the series is bottom lane. This brutal fight features a well delivered example of body motion.

Black water gospel is another great example of a high concept executed exceptionally. This film shows the destruction the fear of an idea can have on a community. The arrival of the undertaker sweeps despair over the town. The rumor states that when the mysterious figure appears he someone will die however we soon learn he is not who he is made out to be.

Blog Task 3- Future Predictions

In the next 5-10 years i believe we will develop a trend that is influenced by brands and a form of modern art such as abstract becoming a more prominent influence in our futures way of life. The idea is already circulating through our art galleries and celebrities and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a significant part of our lives. In today’s society there is an exceptional amount of brands and businesses it is really hard to stand out and a simple fix to this is to create an eye catch. Alot of singers have embraced this already making them iconic for example Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry. Our art galleries are filled with the all these strange new concepts and even now our buildings are reflecting on them it feels like a matter of time before companies will reflect on it through clothing or even body art.

Trends of today reflect quite closely to that of the 80’s and 90’s such as the colours, the music and even movies are not that different from what they were 20-30 years ago.  Movies were major hits are now being undergoing squeals or remakes such as the new star wars, Jurassic park and ghost busters. Like Chinese whispers the more things are passed along the farther from the original they become this might be the case with the way that we are remastering all these old films. Creating something new that appeals to people is difficult but recreating a way people view something is considered revolutionary such as the way Picaso helped change the way in which we view art.

In conclusion I believe the challenge of perception and the way we change our view will have a direct change on society. We will wear or watch things that our generation will perceive as bizarre or even frightening, it may even come in a sense of rebellion. Although this is just a prediction we are already showing signs of this developing. It’ll only be a matter of time before the looks of today are considered cliche and taken over by something subversive.

Blog task 2 – Media use and Identity

I us media to find an inspiration, motivation and relaxation. I find if I have these I am able to endure projects that I am developing. I accomplish these through the use of YouTube and Imgur. As an animator I find I need to be Inspired to work so I pursue that motivation through YouTube I can find loads of talented artists and animators in which I subscribe to to keep up with their latest projects. Additionally YouTube gives me relaxation and motivation through music. I watch at least 3 YouTube videos a day to help push me to complete my own projects. If my pool of creators is dry I actively pursue other channels. Unfortunately with animation being such a slow progress I find myself searching  for more and more Channels and it can become quite cluttered.Capture.PNG

Dovabear made by YouTuber “Bowz”

Imgur is another source of media I find myself engrossed in. Although it’s soul purpose is not bound to creative media it’s intent is for it’s community to decide. This provides for an interesting array of subjects from art references to news to even Resume tips.  The front page is filtered through votes accomplished by it’s community if a image has more up votes it makes it to the front page however down votes leaves it in the User Submitted.The only unfortunate thing about it’s voting system is that art on Imgur can be a gift and a curse. What this means for art is that only the most impressive art makes it through however a lot of other art that could catch your eye is left in the Usersub. Fortunately there are ways around this. If you were to go through sub categories such as you can filter it the way you like and view what you enjoy.



Blog task 1- My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from a indie series “Tales of Alethrion” developed by Sun Creature Studio. There series features visually unique and somewhat exaggerated characters making a very Ascetic setting. They focus very heavily of showing maps through out series but they never really cover everything giving off the illusion of just how big and unexplored there world is. You are constantly reminded that it’s the same world in the sense that you find little links between episodes to reward viewers who pay close attention, the most iconic of these being the mirror shown in both currently released episodes “The Reward” and “The First Hero”. To top it off the development they deploy onto their characters in such a limited time frame makes you attached to the in such a small amount of time you get the sense of their; ambitions, strengths and weaknesses. To develop such characters without them even speaking is something I’ve always admired in animators and is something i hope to take out of this degree.